Mech Part Services

The Mechanical Parts Division of Great Wall Sourcing focuses singularly on sourcing mechanical parts, tooling, and machines for the manufacturing industry, as well as the sourcing of end result consumer products.  We pride ourselves on finding difficult parts, out of production parts, or even working with our manufacturers to produce in quantity hard to find parts, all at greatly reduced costs.  Stated another way, we obtain for you quality components at the real China Price.

We also supply our clients with prototype parts for new inventions, sensitive industrial parts and machines, or end result consumer products, for inspection, all at the China Price. And we protect our clients’ trade secrets and patents where necessary, with confidentiality agreements which are honored in China.

Our China associates and contacts can locate and obtain just about any mechanical parts which exist today, including auto parts such as gears, shafts, pulleys, cams, hub caps, steering wheels, classic restorative parts and emblems; precision electronic parts for computer systems; plumbing parts; robotic parts; collapsible shafts; specialized decorative metal parts and systems for “arts & crafts” uses, lighting systems, the construction industry; bearings, bushings and rollers for all types of machines; parts for toys; lasercammed parts; etcetera and so forth.

Call us to discuss your problems with us.  You will be pleasantly surprised at our ability to arrange the production of your products and parts at the real China Price.

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